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How to Grow Instagram / Peter Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

April 17, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast, I am your host Peter Lorimer, former hit record producer, now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner LA’s most creative Boutique real estate firm, PLG Estates.

In this podcast I cover all things Instagram. While 20 minutes isn't quite long enough to get into everything there is (I could talk about this stuff all day), I do believe I cover quite a bit of useful information in this one!

Today, Instagram is not simply about having a curated lifestyle feed (although that is definitely still relevant). It's a sophisticated way for us to connect with our clients, and we'd be remiss to not recognize that or utilize these amazing features.

There are tons of apps that can help you use Instagram effectively, such as Iconosquare, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite (to name a few).
Also, within the Instagram app itself, there's some really powerful data. From collections to insights, there's so much you can do to prospect and determine what makes a powerful post for your audience.

A common misconception is that social media is something you "get to."

Social media IS your work. THIS is prospecting.

Let's get into this, friends. Here's this week’s episode of The Creative Entrepreneur.


Golden Nuggets from this episode:


[ 04:40] Iconosquare App -> Available on iOS, Android and Desktop


[05:07] Sprout Social App -> Available on iOS, Android and Desktop


[05:39] Hootsuite App -> Available on iOS, Android and Desktop


[13:08] “To be successful in business now we need to be prospecting through social media we need to be using collections”


[14:12] “I am just a gatekeeper to ruining many hours of your life by you nerding out and getting into the guts of Instagram but if you do it if you take the time, you will flourish!”


[14:42] “Social media is your work this needs to be an integral part of what you do on a daily basis.”


Thanks for being here,