How to Double Your Business in 2019 - Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

February 20, 2019

On todays podcast I will be going over some fundamental tips that, when applied whole heartedly, can double your business. I live by what I say as the strategies I will be going over today are key to how I do business on a daily basis. I will be covering fear, courage and everything in between so as always, thanks for joining me on The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast. 


Golden nuggets from this episode:


[03:29] “comparisons are absolutely toxic”


[04:44] “external stuff is like crack you feel great for a minute, I think I never did crack but I suppose you feel great for a minute and then you feel shity for hours afterwards”


[05:53] “happiness means I am happy most of the time which I think is an accurate way to paint the picture”


[06:53] “I am not invested in the results, I’m invested in my input but the rest is up to the Universe and that’s very freeing”




[08:30] “if you're looking for loyalty get a dog because the real estate industry and business in general is a tough freaking gig!”


[14:48] “focus on the stuff you do because he's going to make you a better colleague, it's going to make you a better advocate, make you a better business owner, its going to make you a better spouse, a better father…”


[17:05] “don't stay in a job you hate, because you feel like it's not the right thing to do”




Top 10 Tips for Success for New Realtors / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

February 13, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast I am your host Pete Lorimer former hit record producer now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner La’s most creative Boutique real estate firm PLG Estates. 

On the podcast you will always find business and real estate strategies, marketing techniques and tips for the entrepreneur so hit that subscribe button. 


On today’s podcast we are going back in time. Very often I am asked what exactly I did to achieve the success in real estate I did so quickly. So today I am busting out the Pete Lorimer handbook for new agents to get a foothold in this incredibly saturated and notoriously difficult profession with my Too 10 tips for new real estate agents. 


Golden Nuggets from this episode:


[03:27] Tip 1 “Don’t just look for deals…”

[05:50] Tip 2 “You’ve got to be tenacious…”

[06:42] Tip 3 “It’s not going to be a breeze…”

[07:57] Tip 4 “Know who you are, and what your niche is…”

[08:57] Tip 5 “Shamless Self-promotion…”

[09:55] Tip 6 “Sit as many open houses as you possibly can…”

[10:53 ] Tip 7 “You gonna have to make content the cornerstone of who you are…”

[11:09] Tip 8 “When anybody reaches out to you you got to get back to them…”

[12:20] Tip 9 “Have the mentality of being an emergency doctor…”

[14:46] Tip 10 “You got to track your data…”


Thanks so much for listening...



Grammy Winner Dennis White aka Latroit Interview - Pete Lorimer // The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

February 8, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast I am your host Pete Lorimer former hit record producer now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner La’s most creative Boutique real estate firm PLG Estates. 

On the podcast you will always find business and real estate strategies, marketing techniques and tips for the entrepreneur so hit that subscribe button. 

On today’s podcast we get to sit down with multi platinum selling artist, song writer and producer Dennis White aka Latroit aka static revenger aka charm farm. Demi is who has worked with the likes of such industry giants Deadmaus, Kevin’s Sanderson from ground breaking band Inner City and culminating with his 2018 Grammy winning work with Depeche Mode. I got a chance to sit with my mate Dennis to find out what keeps his clock ticking as a creative entrepreneur and how he remains relevant and as fresh as he does after 30 years. Plus we will get the inside scoop on the winning of that Grammy too, Stay tuned at the end of the podcast for some bonus tracks  by the marvelous Dennis White ..... so without further ado he is Dennis White as my guest on the creative entrepreneur podcast.





[04:52] “you told me one time that you know stuff that is normal for us as musicians record promotion Flyers clip of whatever, this is like Eye-opening the people in real estate they just don't think this wat, so you went in there like ‘HI, where's the music video for this house?’”. - Dennis White


[05:42] “Being in music is a very Ego connected emotional jail, is like kind of defines Who We Are”. - Dennis White


[08:50] “A leopard can’t change his spots, and here I am sitting in another recording studio doing creative shit” - Peter Lorimer


[11:05] “You got the greatest idea in the world but until you get somebody to buy it or somebody cares about it you have exactly zero!” - Dennis White


[19:12] “There’s a point where the creative stuff, for me anyway, it doesn't feel creative because that's my base Instinct, that's my natural thing right? that stuff just comes naturally to me!” - Dennis White


[21:46] “if nothing happened if the shit didn't happen to your idea of your thing the way you were aiming, don't let that close you down from the other stuff that might work for!” - Dennis White


[22:32] “My feeling with collaboration is never collaborate, Unless you feel you both bring something significant to the party.” Peter Lorimer


[23:05] “Wrap your head around the fact that you will never meet anyone in your life, unless you marry them, who's going to be as invested in you and your career as you are! It's just not going to happen.” - Dennis White


[28:58] “absolutely certain that a tenant of nature is that the you know the more that you give away if you create this environment of the abundance, the more abundance around is the more abundance for you for everybody around just fucking give it away.” - Dennis White


[30:36] “Do not let what you do for a living, define who you are to yourself!” - Dennis White


[33:03] “I get up and I feel that everyday is a new script that I am given by mother universe and I work my day as hard as I possibly can,in old directions but I ultimately remove myself from expectations.” - Peter Lorimer


[37:43] “imposing some degree of minimalism on your workflow, I find compels creativity in ways that you wouldn't see” - Dennis White


External Links:

Latroit Youtube Channel

Depeche Mode "You Move" [Latroit Remix]





Speaking at Gary Vee’s Agent 2021 Conference / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

January 30, 2019
Hey guys so I am beyond stoked to present you with this podcast. I was lucky enough to go to Agent 2021 on Miami as a speaker for none other than Gary Vaynerchuk himself. I was one of a handful of handpicked speakers at this prestigious event host by Gary Vee. In this podcast, I go over my recap of the entire event including my key takeaways. The Real Estate industry has is no longer your Mom and Pops local guy if’s a sophisticated business with incredibly important nuances and techniques coupled with self-promotion and a required social media skill set. I will go over the best of the best of the conference and then stay tuned after my rant for actual clips of me on stage at the fabulous Agent 2021!
Thanks for being here red heart
Golden Nuggets from this Episode:
[05:26]“A win-win” is a good deal.”
[05:46]“The old-fashioned word for personal branding is reputation”
[05:59]“You're only as good as your last gig.”
[06:29]“We don't sell houses, we sell Trust.”
[07:04]“The way things are going right now, all you need is an iPhon
e so not having a camera just doesn't work anymore!”
[07:!0]“All you need to do is be bold and be brave and get out in front of it.”
[08:23]“If you wanna find out where your personal brand is, it's like sitting down at piano on day one expecting that you’re going to play Beethoven's 5th,


you gotta practice you gotta practice practice practice practice practice and then you find out the tunes you like, all the style you like, but if you don't…
if you are not a practitioner of it, it's not going to improve!”
[08:58]“Whatis your value? What are you bringing to the table that som

ebody else can’t?”

[10:3]“Don't sit there and talk about how fabulous you are an
d why people should work with you!”
[11:12]“Give it all away for free!”
[11:48]“if you're growing it online you've got to be consistent you got to have content coming out all the bloody time!”
[13:00] “ always bringing information to your crowd that they may not already know.”
[15:12]“You got to be hitting the deadlines you got to treat it like a Publishing Company!”
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Ross Golan Interview / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

January 23, 2019
Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast I am your host Pete Lorimer former hit record producer now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner La’s most creative Boutique real estate firm PLG Estates. 
On the podcast you will always find business and real estate strategies, marketing techniques and tips for the entrepreneur so hit that subscribe button. 
My Guest on the pod cast this week is one of the worlds top award winning hit songwriters named Ross Golan originally from the outskirts of Chicago but now an LA resident, Ross is the whose who of songwriters, having penned hits for Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, Keith Urban and Maroon 5 just to name a few. Plus an Ovation Award winner for his soon to be off Broadway Production “The Wrong Man” and winner of the 2016 BMI Song writer of the year Ross is an unstoppable force in the industry and one off the most open and welcoming to boot . I wanted to sit down with Ross to see how he conjures up ideas and inspiration for the air and then turn that inspiration into hit songs. Ross is someone I call a friend but also someone I profoundly admire as he is one of the best examples of a creative entrepreneur.
Golden Nuggets from This Episode:
[04:15] “if you can show attainability, that gives the next generation the goals that they can set.” Ross Golan
[04:38] mentorship is huge in opening doors for the Next Generation” Ross Golan
[05:16] “Think of the people that you're competing against as the people who are creating at the top” Ross Golan
[08:15] “the idea that you can create a business every single day that's what I loved about songwriting” Ross Golan
[08:56] “once you understand the value of the asset  you start creating assets that have that kind of potential value.” Ross Golan
[10:25] “I think of being a songwriter as being an illusionist” Ross Golan
[14:21] “I will call it “the new school of entrepreneur”, where patience,
is something that is encouraged” Pete Lorimer 
[23:42] “food always tastes better with people” Pete Lorimer
[24:03] “What I get the biggest kick out is being in the game” Pete Lorimer 
[32:10] “this is not at all what i expected, but it’s exactly what i aimed for” Ross Golan
[32:25] “keep chiseling away at building that statue of David but you might end up with the Mona Lisa” Peter Lorimer
[33:41] “if you don't prioritize your life someone else will” Ross Golan
[34.22] “some point you have to say no, you have to say no, or you will be lost in everybody else’s plan.”  Ross Golan
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Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business - Pete Lorimer Podcast

January 15, 2019
This is a phrase that has been paramount in my ability to learn and grow at speed whilst accomplishing success in multiple businesses. Move fast and Break Things means to not sweat every minute detail and to have a stab at something even if you fall flat on your face and it ends up being a royal disaster. Fearing putting a step in the wrong direction is paralyzing to growth and moving swiftly whilst being aware that is can all blow up in your face is all part of the entrepreneurs journey. MF&BT is actually a phrase I borrowed from Facebooks own Mark Zuckerberg and it seems this ethos has stood him in good stead so we should all take a leaf out of his book and press forward with ideas at speed and without fear of egg on ones face.

 ​​That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks so much for being here. ​❤️​ P 

Golden Nuggets from this episode:

[02:49] “One of the most important facets of me being able to have a successful business or businesses is, I move fast!

[03:21] “MY Education or evidence only gets in 65% of the way the rest of it the 35% which I feel is the hardest, 35% of making any decision especially when it comes to changing direction is instinct.

[04:24] “Perfection is the death of Industry.

[07:14] “The amount of business owners that I have spoken to that have had all these great ideas and strategies and techniques and it never happens, is way more than hit the shipping date!”

[08:28] “the only commodity we have is time and if I don't try something because I'm afraid of what other people think, I have betrayed myself and taking a withdrawal out of my bank of days which is limited."

[08:56] “I would much rather run a thousand miles an hour into a brick wall then wonder “am I doing the right thing by not doing the right thing”?


External Links for this episode:

Masters of Scale

Seth Godin


Thanks very much for listening...


Pete Lorimer Podcast - Featuring Gary Gold : The Agent that Sold the Playboy Mansion for $105MM

May 3, 2018

This podcast is just two mates chatting that both like to impart their wisdom on the world on the best techniques deployed for the upper echelon of real estate client - Luxury! 

I got to learn a lot about Mr. Gold.  He’s from the valley and dabbled in standup comedy, but wasn’t good at the suffering part of it.  So, he went full steam ahead in Real Estate and became a heavy weight.  

He talks about how he picked up the pieces after a market crash, how he got his start early on with Zillow and the importance of being of service and sharing knowledge. Plus how to follow up and what to say and when.  

We also touch on our creative sides AND he gives tips on how to find clients on the upper bracket of clientele and tricks of the trade. 

We really run the gamut on this one. He couldn’t have been a cooler guest!

Thanks for listening and for being part of the rebellion.



Peter Lorimer Podcast – How I Got My Netflix Show

April 11, 2018

Recorded Live At Skirball Cultural Center

This opportunity fell out of the sky… (sorta) but really it happened because I’ve been pounding and pounding and pounding on the same path, in an unstoppable manner, for over 2 years now.  I was unshakable in my belief that the direction I was headed in was the right one.  And it was a gamble that has paid off.

The short of it is - I decided to open an email for a casting call, which I never do.  They took the time to put my name in the subject of the email, so I figured I’d see what it was all about.  It seemed interesting, so I reached out not thinking I stood a chance.  (I’m a bit of an oddball and not just another guy in a suit, as most of you know, so I didn’t even consider it a possibility.)  Cut to - the producers want to me come in and do a “chemistry test” with a rather huge HGTV personality...  Now I really think I’m done for…

BUT, I still went in there balls to the wall, living by one of my mantras, “I’m never afraid to make the wrong move… I’d rather make all the wrong moves than never make any.“  I get a call shortly after and it’s to say, “Congratulations, you got it”.  At this point, I’m just floored… truly floored.  I assumed I was up against maybe 2 other people tops.  They then tell me they have been searching for someone for over a year, looking all around the world.  “You and your company are light years ahead of what anyone else is doing”.  I can’t tell you the vindication I felt in hearing those words.  

And there you have it.  I got the most amazing opportunity to travel up and down and all around the US, with the show.  I was able to interview countless people and get the true pulse of the country.  I learned so much, but will give you this one HUGE tip now- everyone wants that personal touch and they don’t completely trust the technology out there, when it comes to Real Estate.  They confirmed what I’ve been saying all along… Technology isn’t the answer, the story and social interaction is.  That is what people want.  You have to sell yourself in an original way.   They care about YOU and not just the market update. 

More details to come on the show

Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey AND for being part of the rebellion



Peter Lorimer Podcast - The Power Of The Pause

April 4, 2018

Peter Lorimer Podcast This Week...

This is a mantra super close to my heart, as I’ve implemented in my daily life for over two decades now.  That’s how effective it is.  We all experience instances where we are questioning ourselves in terms of what we are doing, where we are going in life, what’s happening with the people around us, etc.  We all get in situations where we become overemotional and our judgment gets a bit clouded.  For example: Is my client working with another realtor? The person I’m working with on this deal just really pissed me off, etc.   The way to handle any of these situations is simple… just PAUSE.  The Power Of The Pause will save you from making big mistakes, possibly ruining relationships and veering off your path. 

 A few rules for when you find yourself wanting to react to something that’s got you riled up or filled with doubt.  Stop, take a breather and remember… 

-    If it’s a good idea now, it’s still going to feel like a good idea the next morning.

-    If we react too quickly it’s saying that we don’t trust the person we are dealing with, or that we don’t trust ourselves.

-    Sometimes things are time sensitive and we don’t have a whole day to sit on it, but we can always take SOME time.  Take an hour to calm down and then reassess. 

The Power Of The Pause is a life tactic I implore you to adopt.  You’ll be stunned at how much second-guessing it will settle within yourself and just how many negative situations it will help you avoid getting yourself into!  Trust me.

I really appreciate all of the responses.  Thanks for listening AND for being part of the rebellion.




Full Keynote - How to Become a Rockstar Realtor - Michigan WCR Conference - Real Estate Digital Strategies & Social Media Marketing

March 27, 2018


So the podcast this week  I travel to Detroit to deliver a keynote to a very posh luncheon crowd with the subject matter being "How to be a Rockstar Agent" which I hasten to add a title I did not make up but am very flattered by. Unlike the vlog this is the ENTIRE KEYNOTE so grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as its a long one but well worth it as I drop all the tips & techniques I have used over the years to help me have a successful real estate career and booming brokerage in the saturated and uber competetive Los Angeles market.

The talk was about shattering some of the traditional methods of real estate and embracing the new. Peeling back the old fashioned veneer of "Client & Customer" and following the new school of running to your tribe.

For too long, fear of upsetting people has paralyzed our industry ergo making it an ocean of vanilla. When I was a new agent I make a point of smashing any barriers between agent and client to dust. It was one of the best things I ever did professionally, and it has paid me back in spades. 

Thanks so much for watching and for being part of the rebellion.