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How to Crush Real Estate Massively At The End Of The Year / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

September 11, 2019

A lot of people are talking about what's going to happen next in the economy and in this industry. I believe that we are nearing the end of this insane growth and closing in on some contractions across all industries.

So, roll up your sleeves and dig in. This is the golden period.

One of the biggest enemies in business is negativity. It's like a predator. The moment you shut your eyes, it attacks. It'll always be around, so keep moving.

Here are some practical ways to squeeze every last bit out of the rest of the year:

👉 Treat each day like it's the day before going on vacation. Think about how much you squeeze into that day. Tasks, errands, work. Every hour you utilize propels you forward. It's about time compression. What can you pack into an hour?

👉 Reach out to your clients. Stop automating things. Technology is a tool, but you have to get personal with your clients. Nothing replaces real contact.

👉 Show your client base the 360-degree view of you.

Let's make the most out of these next several weeks, friends. Here's this week's episode of the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast.


Golden Nuggets From This Episode:

[03:39] “the biggest enemy of business development, in my opinion, is negativity”


[04:35] “Negativity is absolutely a predator that waits for the gazelle with the one key leg to run by, and when it finds that gazelle it will devour it.”


[06:17] “treat each day like it's a day before I'm going on vacation”


[07:36] “time compression what can I pack into an hour that would normally take four and then multiply 10,000 throughout the year”


[08:13] “ if you automate things you are automating your demise”


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