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Grammy Winner Dennis White aka Latroit Interview - Pete Lorimer // The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

February 8, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast I am your host Pete Lorimer former hit record producer now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner La’s most creative Boutique real estate firm PLG Estates. 

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On today’s podcast we get to sit down with multi platinum selling artist, song writer and producer Dennis White aka Latroit aka static revenger aka charm farm. Demi is who has worked with the likes of such industry giants Deadmaus, Kevin’s Sanderson from ground breaking band Inner City and culminating with his 2018 Grammy winning work with Depeche Mode. I got a chance to sit with my mate Dennis to find out what keeps his clock ticking as a creative entrepreneur and how he remains relevant and as fresh as he does after 30 years. Plus we will get the inside scoop on the winning of that Grammy too, Stay tuned at the end of the podcast for some bonus tracks  by the marvelous Dennis White ..... so without further ado he is Dennis White as my guest on the creative entrepreneur podcast.





[04:52] “you told me one time that you know stuff that is normal for us as musicians record promotion Flyers clip of whatever, this is like Eye-opening the people in real estate they just don't think this wat, so you went in there like ‘HI, where's the music video for this house?’”. - Dennis White


[05:42] “Being in music is a very Ego connected emotional jail, is like kind of defines Who We Are”. - Dennis White


[08:50] “A leopard can’t change his spots, and here I am sitting in another recording studio doing creative shit” - Peter Lorimer


[11:05] “You got the greatest idea in the world but until you get somebody to buy it or somebody cares about it you have exactly zero!” - Dennis White


[19:12] “There’s a point where the creative stuff, for me anyway, it doesn't feel creative because that's my base Instinct, that's my natural thing right? that stuff just comes naturally to me!” - Dennis White


[21:46] “if nothing happened if the shit didn't happen to your idea of your thing the way you were aiming, don't let that close you down from the other stuff that might work for!” - Dennis White


[22:32] “My feeling with collaboration is never collaborate, Unless you feel you both bring something significant to the party.” Peter Lorimer


[23:05] “Wrap your head around the fact that you will never meet anyone in your life, unless you marry them, who's going to be as invested in you and your career as you are! It's just not going to happen.” - Dennis White


[28:58] “absolutely certain that a tenant of nature is that the you know the more that you give away if you create this environment of the abundance, the more abundance around is the more abundance for you for everybody around just fucking give it away.” - Dennis White


[30:36] “Do not let what you do for a living, define who you are to yourself!” - Dennis White


[33:03] “I get up and I feel that everyday is a new script that I am given by mother universe and I work my day as hard as I possibly can,in old directions but I ultimately remove myself from expectations.” - Peter Lorimer


[37:43] “imposing some degree of minimalism on your workflow, I find compels creativity in ways that you wouldn't see” - Dennis White


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