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Speaking at Gary Vee’s Agent 2021 Conference / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

January 30, 2019
Hey guys so I am beyond stoked to present you with this podcast. I was lucky enough to go to Agent 2021 on Miami as a speaker for none other than Gary Vaynerchuk himself. I was one of a handful of handpicked speakers at this prestigious event host by Gary Vee. In this podcast, I go over my recap of the entire event including my key takeaways. The Real Estate industry has is no longer your Mom and Pops local guy if’s a sophisticated business with incredibly important nuances and techniques coupled with self-promotion and a required social media skill set. I will go over the best of the best of the conference and then stay tuned after my rant for actual clips of me on stage at the fabulous Agent 2021!
Thanks for being here red heart
Golden Nuggets from this Episode:
[05:26]“A win-win” is a good deal.”
[05:46]“The old-fashioned word for personal branding is reputation”
[05:59]“You're only as good as your last gig.”
[06:29]“We don't sell houses, we sell Trust.”
[07:04]“The way things are going right now, all you need is an iPhon
e so not having a camera just doesn't work anymore!”
[07:!0]“All you need to do is be bold and be brave and get out in front of it.”
[08:23]“If you wanna find out where your personal brand is, it's like sitting down at piano on day one expecting that you’re going to play Beethoven's 5th,


you gotta practice you gotta practice practice practice practice practice and then you find out the tunes you like, all the style you like, but if you don't…
if you are not a practitioner of it, it's not going to improve!”
[08:58]“Whatis your value? What are you bringing to the table that som

ebody else can’t?”

[10:3]“Don't sit there and talk about how fabulous you are an
d why people should work with you!”
[11:12]“Give it all away for free!”
[11:48]“if you're growing it online you've got to be consistent you got to have content coming out all the bloody time!”
[13:00] “ always bringing information to your crowd that they may not already know.”
[15:12]“You got to be hitting the deadlines you got to treat it like a Publishing Company!”
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