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#1 Tip How to Invest in YOU and your Career / Pete Lorimer - The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast

November 13, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast, I am your host Peter Lorimer, former hit record producer, now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner LA’s most creative boutique real estate firm, PLG Estates.

Be a glutton for data. Consume knowledge as much as possible. Fill the fringe time with the productive intake of education. It's everywhere. YouTube, Instagram, blogs, podcasts. Pick your poison and go all-in with investing in YOU.

One of the biggest downfalls I see is realtors not investing in new tools. They peruse books handed to them by whatever brokerage they're in and don't dive all in with learning. Cindy and I, from the very beginning, have been obsessed with progression and discovering new technologies.

I didn't just wake up like this, friends. It's taken gallons of espresso and countless hours of searching and learning to get me to where I am. I have hundreds of failures under my belt, and I've learned to toss aside the notion of caring if I look like a dick or not.

If you're just dipping your toes into all this, come on in. The water's just fine. Let's make a splash together and dive into this week's episode of the Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast.


Golden Nuggets From This Episode:

[03:09] “Realtors tend to have a habit of, not seeking the new tools, we tend to almost rest in our laurels”

[03:40] “A professional athlete needs to workout, running the track is only just part of the game if anything it is the least amount of work that they do.”

[04:14] “anything and everything you want to find, exists on freaking YouTube”

[04:48] “ Everything that I have found to be successful I never found in a book that a brokerage gave me.”

[07:37] “social media allows all of us to have a voice”

[08:29] “ I treat my business like an athlete would treat theirs”


Thanks for being here,