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Peter Lorimer Podcast – How I Got My Netflix Show

April 11, 2018

Recorded Live At Skirball Cultural Center

This opportunity fell out of the sky… (sorta) but really it happened because I’ve been pounding and pounding and pounding on the same path, in an unstoppable manner, for over 2 years now.  I was unshakable in my belief that the direction I was headed in was the right one.  And it was a gamble that has paid off.

The short of it is - I decided to open an email for a casting call, which I never do.  They took the time to put my name in the subject of the email, so I figured I’d see what it was all about.  It seemed interesting, so I reached out not thinking I stood a chance.  (I’m a bit of an oddball and not just another guy in a suit, as most of you know, so I didn’t even consider it a possibility.)  Cut to - the producers want to me come in and do a “chemistry test” with a rather huge HGTV personality...  Now I really think I’m done for…

BUT, I still went in there balls to the wall, living by one of my mantras, “I’m never afraid to make the wrong move… I’d rather make all the wrong moves than never make any.“  I get a call shortly after and it’s to say, “Congratulations, you got it”.  At this point, I’m just floored… truly floored.  I assumed I was up against maybe 2 other people tops.  They then tell me they have been searching for someone for over a year, looking all around the world.  “You and your company are light years ahead of what anyone else is doing”.  I can’t tell you the vindication I felt in hearing those words.  

And there you have it.  I got the most amazing opportunity to travel up and down and all around the US, with the show.  I was able to interview countless people and get the true pulse of the country.  I learned so much, but will give you this one HUGE tip now- everyone wants that personal touch and they don’t completely trust the technology out there, when it comes to Real Estate.  They confirmed what I’ve been saying all along… Technology isn’t the answer, the story and social interaction is.  That is what people want.  You have to sell yourself in an original way.   They care about YOU and not just the market update. 

More details to come on the show

Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey AND for being part of the rebellion